Lincoln Memorial

Yesterday afternoon ticked by steadily and across the great Atlantic – hours earlier in EST – the infamous Trump inauguration was taking place. January 20th 2017. It was a day that’s been dreaded by most of us since November. But it’s also the start of a new era of growth and change. I know that sounds contradictory, but it really isn’t my friends. You see, consciousness is really kicking off now.

What has happened with Trump and in my homeland of Britain – Brexit – needed to happen. We’ve been racing towards these seemingly terrible decisions because a call to change is bubbling under the surface. We’re gathering momentum. Before light, there is darkness. We’re in the darkness right now. But light is flickering at the end of this tunnel. Sorry if this sounds all too “HALLELUJAH!” for you.

I remember when Brexit happened. It was God-awful and depressing and confusing to me and my ‘remain’ peers. But it was also inevitable, said my gut instinct. It had to happen. Things were too stagnant to carry on as they were. Not with such hostility needing addressing. Hostility and desperation by those feeling enslaved by society.

The same thing has happened with the recent US election. Too many unhappy and dysfunctional aspects to American society needed addressing for yet another old-school politician to be voted in. My genuine opinion is: would Clinton have made any real improvements? Of course she was my preferred choice, but would she have really moved the nation forward? Her tactic is old fashioned and what we need from a woman leading the country – which, for the record is absolutely necessary at this point – is a woman embracing divine feminine energy, not trying to out-man the male opposition.

So Trump was the radical choice, voted in by so many craving something different. You see, all around the world we’ve got people waking up to the possibility of resource-based economies, the free movement of people, lives led by creative expression and education being emphasised for how it helps the mind – not makes the rich, richer. We all know that there is the need for a revolution, it’s just that unfortunately the process to get there is messy.

Everything seems scary and I feel that too. None of us really know what we’re doing with our lives because we can no longer fit into the old paradigm of the way the generation before us did things. We’re consistently told that the life model is x,y, and z by people for whom this worked. And it no longer does. And more so, the growth is exponential now.

So here is where the problem lies. All of our hearts are leading us in the direction of necessary change, but the framework we are operating within does not provide the capacity with which we can live this type of life. Does that make sense? So all the anger and frustration comes from feeling like we’re trying to move forward at warp speed, but remaining in a society where things are stuck as the same, or as proved with the recent US election, moving backwards so it seems.

So what can be done over the next four years? How can we utilise this time rather than spin out of control in fear?

  1. Be nice to yourself and others. We all need love and support. Make effort to do nice things for yourself and others. Encouragement should be your word of focus.
  2. Be mindful. Don’t panic about that which is simply out of your control. If you feel an inner drive to create change and be the movement, focus on that which you can do. Don’t give in to the feeling of overwhelm.
  3. Don’t give up. Now is the time to absolutely embrace the fact that things are uncomfortable. Understand that things need to be this way, but it’s not the end. Happiness can still be achieved.
  4. Speak your truth. There is no need for aggression, but level-headed, mindful discussion which can help us create solutions.

If you stop and really take a good look around, you’ll see that we are now more connected than ever. That’s why news travels as fast as it does. When one of us panics, we all panic. But that also means that when one of us shares joy, that can be felt for miles around. We need to utilise our connectedness to create a better future for ourselves. It can be done – don’t ever forget that!


UK storm

Dark light and strange creatures creep up from the depths of the offshore.

And the wind moves steadily at my back, reminding me

That my time there is done. And crosswinds carry the heady scent

of tigerlily and honeysuckle; exotic and tantalising my senses.


Grey rock outstretches into midnight waters,

Interspersed with cobalt flashes and whitewash

Washing white onto the shore; deadfoam rising.

Historic tears trickle down each estuary path, past eels swimming the familiar route.


Landmass lies consciously out yonder,

‘cross an open and avid ocean

Of dangers worth facing as they render you open

Bare-backed and broken but heart full and hoping

Not hurtful and gloating.


Ben ticks over desolate lands.

Ben deals with his commands and the endless demands

And feels a painful surge growing in his thyroid gland

As he recognises the symptoms of the sick in him.


Grey and grey and white and grey;

The clouds part for no man living in the root

And carnal darkness of day

And a third eye clogged with arsenic.


Photo: Flickr


This is for all the people – like me – who voted to remain in the EU in this referendum. Like me, there is a high chance that many of you have had at least a moderate panic attack this morning; shaking hands as you prepare your coffee and sweaty palms that make it awkward to grip hold of anything. Like me you may have been desperately scrolling your social media feeds trying to see if the official result was in some way obscured or April Fool’s had come almost a year early. Sadly no, our nation has indeed voted us out of the European Union.

By this stage as you cement yourself in front of Breakfast on the BBC you will begin to feel the pitter-patter of Nigel Farage’s revolting tiny footsteps leaping their way up your leg and bouncing around on your thigh; prancing with joy and an outstretched small finger or two telling you that he was right and would get us ‘freedom’ and the ability ‘to take back our power’. He’ll stick his foul little tongue out at you.

But what you need to remember is that you are much larger than diddy Farage and his minions leaping gallantly on your thighs. With a simply flick of the fingers you can be rid of them all and stand up, switch of the television and start making things happen.

I know how easy it is to plunge into darkness and despair after looking at that result. And I too could pursue that route. But what we need right now is angry people. We have got to get angry, people!

I don’t feel British; I didn’t live here growing up and thus struggled to find my way when I was plopped here for good after years abroad, but I always thought how incredible being a part of the EU was; being able to come and go from wherever I wanted, making beautiful friendships with those from far and wide and learning from each other.

What you’ll see if you take a look at the statistics for which age group voted which way, you’ll see that the youngest, freshest generation – the future of this island – mostly wanted to remain. The elderly and middle-aged were more inclined to leave. Rosy-tinted glasses are a thing I too am familiar with. I look fondly on many times in my past and recall ‘things being better back in those days’. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned recently it is that being stuck in the past will do you no good. You must learn to adapt and embrace the changes the future brings.

The older generations than mine voted with the past in their hearts. They want to go back to ‘the way things were’ and it was unfortunate that they did not learn before marking their ballot paper that times have changed and we as a people must adapt. The world is not what it used to be. Young people want to travel and embrace multiculturalism; hell, I think every single one of my friends has gallivanted around the globe or yearns to do so soon! It is because there is much self-development to be done and perspective to be gained in doing so. Mindsets have changed and we are losing the old ‘divide and conquer’ mentality (thank God) as many of us are trying to embrace a coming together of people around the globe – a Peace Movement.

Now, it’s too late to pine after ‘what could have been’. Let’s look at where we are. We are in a situation where we’re leaving the EU. LEAVING THE EU, PEOPLE. We really don’t know what the future holds. And the strange thing is that you can’t just get mad at any one person. It is your neighbour and your teacher and your colleague that voted the other way – to leave – and getting mad at them means breaking down your life: where you live, where you work, who you interact with. This is highly unrealistic for the everyday person. And when I mentioned ‘getting angry’ earlier, I don’t mean going and doing one on your neighbour. AT ALL.

I believe the best way forward is to interact peacefully with the everyday person who voted to leave. Remember that they too long for a happy life for themselves and their offspring. When I say get angry, I mean at those passing the laws which will inevitably be passed within the coming months. Britain is – I feel – a doormat nation. We never get particularly angry; we apologise far too frequently and we have this real self-deprecating notion that we should be living our little quiet lives in our little quiet homes. Now is the time, if there ever was one, to get vocal, get angry and refuse to tolerate shitty changes in policy that you know in your gut are simply not a step in the right direction.

Leaving the EU, whilst not my preference, could well just be the wake-up call we need to start making things happen for ourselves rather than laying down and getting trampled on forever more.

Photo: Flickr