5 Things I’m Doing to Honour Myself this Year

I’ve decided to honour myself this year. Why? Because life is simply too short not to. And in order for me to do great things in this world, it has got to start with me. It’s really as simple as that. You can’t keep the fire burning without remembering to add logs, can you? Nourishment, relaxation, love, kindness and a commitment to wellness are what it’s all about.

Here’s How:

  1. I’ve decided to commit to completing 12 wellness challenges this year. One a month, to be exact. These will all be documented over on Wise + Well, so be sure to catch up with me on there. I’m also producing some extra material on there mainly focussing on minimalism and ethical living. This month, my challenge is daily meditation. Boy is it hard. More to come on that one.
  2. Respect my gut. I guess I mean this quite literally in terms of what I put into my body, but also I’m referring to respecting my gut instinct. When I feel the answer ‘no’, I will try my best to vocalise that word. And the same goes for ‘yes’. Our internal guidance system is there for a reason, we just never listen to it.
  3. Priotise. I find it so easy to get carried away in my thoughts and mindfulness is a major theme for me this year. Along with this is the need to prioritse what’s truly important: time with my loved ones, creativity and fun. I sometimes get things really out of order on my priorities list. That’s usually when negative side effects occur; funny that…
  4. Tell myself the nice words that I tell my friends. Would I look at my friends when I’m with them and tell them what I don’t like about them? No, of course not! I would compliment what I adore most. So why should it be any different with myself? If a friend is down in the dumps, I want to encourage them to get back up again. You don’t knock em’ while they’re down! So why on earth don’t I do the same for myself?
  5. Pay more attention. Again, we’re heading back to mindfulness here. Already this year I’ve been making more effort to pay attention to how I am affected by my surroundings, by the foods I eat, the people I interact with, astrology and the weather. This life is an ecosystem and it’s important I try to maximise optimal living conditions and settle into a niche that allows me to flourish.

Do you have any self love tips? Let me know below! I would love to hear what you’re doing to honour yourself in 2017.


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