Paradise in Perranporth

It has been sun and sea and sky and sand and surf these past few days in Perranporth, Cornwall. A pocket of glory with turquoise shores, perfect waves and a bar on the beach, Perranporth is an awesome getaway spot for anyone looking for a break in the UK.

The Watering Hole is a must – Britain’s only beach bar. It serves as an epic ocean-side venue for a variety of well-known musicians and serves the best coffee to ease you into your day after an early morning stroll along the beach.

Sticking on the theme of refreshments, Good2Go is an epic vegan food cart on the main street in town that offers falafel wraps, mezze boxes, chilli, hot dogs and delicious treats for the vegan beach bum looking for sustenance other than chips.

Thousands of moon jellies were washed up on shore this past week, harmlessly splatting us in the face as we paddled out to the surf, but nothing could top the Mediterranean heat we had, which brought with it the most breathtaking of sunsets. A walk up and over the cliffs to some old tin mines also revealed stunning turquoise shores.

I long for my return, sweet Perranporth.



Perranport 2

Perranporth 3

Perranporth 4

Perranporth 5

Perranporth 1






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