The Ether Eel

Kelp Forest

I snake in and out of this translucent reality, flip between

the ether and the actual; the universe and the chamber in which

I lay, fluctuating from body to out,

Respiring and perspiring, heart pounding one minute

And the next thoughts passing from me to the mainland

‘cross idle wood and stream,

To where coyotes pace the tender land

With tenacity and pride against the stark tide.


Plunged back into depth below

Where the deep blue unravels a world of nectar in brine.

Outstretched are the hands of blubber and zebra and nettle and fur

And a holographic irony of treaties signed

And men on pedestals, protecting shallow pools of toxic myrrh.


Palpitating, perfected charms floating whimsically

From mind to matter,

Where walls are ever-fading

In a blue, scrolling light.


The ether eel eats the eerie

In the construct of our minds

Through gravity’s pull of wars waging

From the flesh up to the sky.


Photo: Lee Root via Flickr

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