Truth and Vulnerability


Truth is a beauty; as is vulnerability. It allows you to connect with others on a level that is so much more intimate than any materialistic item you may have in common. I would go as far as saying that I live for truth and the beauty it catalyses. There is intensity and creativity and openness to be had in this kind of conversation. It is a formula for connection and expansion.

What are we all looking for in life? We all want to discover ourselves and the world and some ‘greater truth’ all in the hope that in these things we will find happiness, peace and a sense of purpose. Some of us need to lose ourselves to be found; need to lose all attachment to what or who we ‘think’ we should be in order to be presented by the universe with everything we ever wanted and more, whether we consciously realised it or not. But to do this, you need to be okay with being vulnerable; something surprisingly difficult to muster the strength for.

We are all born innocent and open to experiencing life, but something happens along the way to make us cynical to the motives of others and closed up to intimate connection. It is cruel judgement and trauma which makes us trick ourselves into thinking that we’re better off keeping our heads down and mouths shut, so long as we have a circle of acquaintances to slot into. It’s better to hold yourself back from your truth and have a crew to sit with at lunch than shining in your brightest light and walking to the beat of your own drum.


There is an essence of youth in this and to a certain extent I’d say that we see a positive correlation with age and giving less of a shit what other people think. But unfortunately the extent to which people ‘grow up’ and live a life real to themselves is limited. Many adults will live well into their lives still playing by another’s rules and it’s not until it’s too late to really do much about it that they will realise that they could have made a different choice.

On occasion I come across a line that hits me right in the feels. It may not be written with the most eloquent combination of words or dramatic vocabulary, but it was written with brutal honesty. With this honesty it is as if I have delved into that writer’s body and seen the world directly through their eyes, whether or not the topic is of any actual relevance to my own circumstances. The same thing happens when I meet someone who doesn’t shroud themselves in a 30 meter invisibility cloak, desperately trying to be accepted. I instantly love them. And this is the point to emphasise: we don’t all need to be living the same lives and experiencing the same situations in order to connect to one another; we simply must be open and willing to learn and respectful of the honesty that others indulge us in.

Think about how society ebbs and flows, how new movements crop up out of nowhere and spread like the flu through all of our media platforms; or how something that you were once ostracised for has now become all the rage and you can’t understand what happened to change the collective view. Thing are very dynamic these days and change rapidly. This is really exciting because a quick search online will bring you an abundance of discussions and tools totally relevant to and likely to resonate with you. It is also so easy to connect with others – just like you – all over the world.

This encourages each of us to be honest with ourselves and others about who we are, which perpetuates self-progression and expansion. There is still a large gap between this underground world and the day-to-day interactions we find ourselves in, but that is down to the fact that this kind of talk simply isn’t mainstream yet. Don’t worry about it though, because we’re getting there. What you can do to fuel this movement is to work past fears of connection and openness. And please, whatever you do, get out of toxic friendships based on suppression and falseness. You can do it, I believe in you!


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