“Do what you can right now, don’t hesitate”

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to believe that we are all here on this planet with our own individual strengths to each contribute or create in our own way? Think about your circle of friends and family for a moment; whether you’re aware of it or not, you go to different people for your different needs. You surround yourself with some people because of their ability to be respectful listeners, others for the knowing you can let loose and party with them and others for their dreamy presence and inspirational outlook on life.

If all of these character traits are innate – meaning although each of us can aspire to perfect our listening skills or approach a more carefree attitude to life, we simply may not hold a particular trait as our strength – why should this just be limited to social interactions? What I mean is: why is society not operating on playing to each individual’s strengths, rather than squashing every single person into the same square-shaped mould?

It can’t just be me that feels we are long overdue a societal revamp, can it? We have all the information we could ever want at our fingertips and collectively mental expansion is occurring more rapidly than ever. So, why are we still stuck in the past?

Why are we still travelling in gas-guzzling planes, trains and automobiles? Why are we consuming produce soaked to the core in carcinogenic pesticides which are killing both ourselves and our wildlife? Why are we still living with such disparity between the rich and the poor? Why are we still forcing our children into the vaults of anxiety in a shit education system where they are forced to study a set curriculum, hardly tailored to match the individuality of each kid and resulting in walls of frustration and disappointment?

The way we all intertwine with each other on this planet is in the form of a collective relationship. That’s how we need to think of it. Shrink the scale down to two people: a relationship only flourishes if kindness, honesty and love are at the core of the friendship. As soon as spitefulness, manipulation or greed enters the zone, pain results.

Anyone who has had any kind of social interaction with another human knows that neither of you are perfect. Early childhood trauma occurs in almost every household and the result is that we enter adult life carrying with us a variety of burdens or distorted behaviours. All you can hope to do as you make your way through life is to heal whatever pain you carry with you and evolve as an individual.

I think that the reason we are currently experiencing so much anger, confusion and pain worldwide is that we are all cruising at different speeds of emotional development and ascension. There are many of us with the goal of operating from a place of love, rather than manipulation and personal gain. However, likewise many are still so blind to a life functioning any way other than the current system and hence the butting of heads and conflicting energies.

The only way of truly evolving as a society, to one which allows individuals to flourish based on the person they came here to be is, for everyone to operate from a place of love. It is the most difficult thing to forgive a person that has hurt you. It is excruciating to wish them well in life when a part of you surges with anger at the thought of all that they have done. But, if we aren’t wishing them well, then aren’t we operating on the same wavelength as them? I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to repulse me.

Suppress your ego, let kindness pour from your heart and try to see the inner child in everyone – I promise it will make you more forgiving.


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